Buying a home for the first time can be extremely exciting. If you are the owner of a home, you know how important it is to familiarize yourself with important parts of your residence like the plumbing and electrical systems. The more you know about common electrical problems and mistakes, the easier it will be to spot and address issues in the future.

If you own an older home, you need to assess the condition of your electrical equipment. Homes built 20,30 and even 40 years ago typically have old wiring and electrical panels in them. Leaving these old and unreliable electrical components in place can be disastrous, which is why you need to take action as soon as you start to experience problems related to your electricity. Below are some signs it is time to invest in a new electrical panel.

Dimming Lights Signify Big Electrical Problems

Walking into a room and turning on a light is something most people do multiples times a day. When the electrical panel you have in place isn’t designed to handle your needs, running various electrical components at once will become nearly impossible. One of the things you might notice when your electrical panel needs to be replaced is dimming lights when other appliances are turned on.

This dimming occurs because the circuits in your existing electrical panel are being overloaded. When this overloading occurs, the panel will pull power from others parts of the home in an attempt to provide enough power. Consistently overloading your electrical circuits can result in fires getting started.

Over 50,000 home electrical fires occur in the United States every year. Instead of being just another statistic, you need to replace your old and unreliable electrical panel as soon as it starts to fail.

Outdated Panels Allow Electrical Leakage To Occur

Have you been shocked by a jolt of electricity when touching an outlet or light switch in your home? If so, you are probably dealing with problems caused by electrical leakage. Defective wiring and old electrical panels are usually to blame for these unpleasant experiences.

The only way to avoid getting shocked in your home again is by seeking out the help of electrical professionals. At Grener Electric LLC, we will work hard to get your electrical panel replaced quickly and correctly.

Tripping Breakers Are Never a Good Thing

If electricity to parts of your home is constantly getting cut off by a tripping breaker, you need to figure out why this is happening. If the electrical panel in your home is old or has been improperly installed, it will constantly malfunction. The longer you wait to diagnose the cause of your electrical problems, the harder it will be to avoid extensive damage to your home. As soon as you experience these breaker-related problems, you need to let the team at Grener Electric LLC take a look at your panel.

Whether you need a new electrical panel or LED installation assistance, Grener Electric LLC has you covered.