What’s so great about LED lighting? Well, a few things actually. It’s not “uncle Edison’s light bulb!” As experienced electricians in the Gainesville and St. Augustine areas, we are knowledgeable about the kinds of LEDs that property owners can choose and how they can be assimilated into an architectural design.

Here are some reasons that LED lighting is so popular today.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lights don’t give off so much of their energy in the form of heat the way that traditional incandescent bulbs did. That lowers fire risk, and it lowers your electrical bills too. It generally makes these types of lighting more effective where they are integrated into a building footprint.


Because LED lights don’t have the traditional light bulb construction, they are extremely versatile. You may have seen LED rope lighting or little pinpoint LED designs where beads of light stream from plastic tentacles, for lack of a better word.

LED lighting is also easier to place in various parts of a house or property. Bar LED lights or other designs can be added to the interior of cabinets, closets or small spaces, or used for various kinds of accent or track lighting that are easier to install and easier to maintain over time.

Cool-Looking Lights

The old incandescent light bulbs are so obsolete in a number of ways that when you see one today, you might tend to think of it as an antique.

Having a glass barrier around a filament is a very inefficient way to build lighting compared to new LED designs. That’s where the old bulb starts to be seen as an Edisonian relic, like those strange drums the Menlo Park wizard made to run on a Victrola type machine.

For example, when you had to do recessed lighting with traditional incandescent bulbs, you had to create this big space in the ceiling to fit these bulbs in. You needed heat shields and everything else, and it was in some ways a big job.

Recessed LED lighting is easy and inobtrusive, and doesn’t require as much space for the installation itself.

We help equip properties with new LED lighting and other kinds of extras in order to help you get the most out of your property. We do pole lighting and other exterior lighting, as well as hot tub wiring and panel upgrades.

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