When professional electricians take on a job at a residential property, they’re often dealing with a variety of components, including parts of both interior and exterior layouts.

Here are some of the items that people often want to wire with exterior ground lines. These projects add value to a property, but they may need a professional eye to understand the challenges that might apply.

Hot Tubs

It’s great to dip into these bubbling tubs on a cold night. But hot tubs require their own outdoor wiring, which can create certain challenges and obstacles. Our professional teams know how to assess hot tub wiring and get adequate electrical power and controls to these outdoor amenities. When you have your hot tub wired up right, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Pool-side Wiring

Pools need wiring for lights and drainage equipment and more. We have the skill and experience to create the outdoor wiring systems that offer convenience, safety and again, adequate power and controls for your pool and related power accessories. Lounge by a well-equipped pool in the summer, and have peace of mind about your outdoor electrical systems.

Landscape Lighting

Here’s another area where professional electrical installation makes a difference.

Many people with high-end properties want to light outdoor areas of their exteriors at night. Strategic landscape lighting helps to accentuate the curb appeal of a property when the sun’s not out and show off its best side to visitors.

This can require extensive outdoor wiring, although new solar options are also available. We work with customers on detailed plans to make sure they get the results that they want. We assess the use of the newest types of LED lights and other choices, to figure out what works best for a given project.

Security Lighting

Regardless of where you live, whether it’s a city, a town or the suburbs, or even a remote rural area, security lighting can be important to you.

If you’re worried about creepy individuals moving around the exterior of your property, you’re likely to want some type of security lighting – either night lighting on a timer or light sensor, or on-demand lighting that works on motion sensors to alert you when something or someone is moving around your home.

Talk to a tried and true electrical firm in the Gainesville and St. Augustine area, with crews who are courteous, punctual and professional, and employed by a company with a reputation for excellence and value. We are here for you!