Home Improvement Tips

When people want to improve their properties, they often look at all of the neat features and functionality that are supported and accomplished by adding new electrical installations. We help homeowners to plan these projects the right way and get more out of the dollars that they put into redesigning the spaces that they own. Here are some primary types of jobs that are often on the list.

Flatscreen and Home Theater Setups

Part of what we do involves installing TV brackets and getting a flat screen set up to provide hours of fun and enjoyment. There’s a certain set of best practices that go along with getting a flat screen tv and surround sound system in place, and we excel at completing this kind of job for property owners.

Hot Tub Wiring

A hot tub is a great outdoor amenity, but it does require its own power draw. Our teams are adept at running power to a hot tub, no matter where it’s located on your property. That sets the stage for those nights sitting in luxury in a steaming tub, looking out at the stars. We’ll get everything set up right for you.

Pole Lighting and Motion Sensors

Other parts of our most common electrical projects are done for building security. There are a number of reasons that move people to install additional lights, cameras and sensors. They may be experiencing noise around their property, or have various kinds of security concerns. New technology provides a lot of protection, but again, it requires some electrical hookups. That in turn requires some know-how about how to lay out electrical systems on a property. We talk to property owners about how to best accomplish this to put in additional security gear on-site.

Recessed Lighting

Nothing changes a room like excellent in-ceiling light fixtures, but one of the big trends today is to keep these fixtures recessed into the ceiling, instead of having them hanging there in the air where someone can bump their head, or worse, pull the entire fixture out of its housing.

We often work on these kinds of projects for homeowners as well.

At Grener Electric, as a professional electrical company, we help with renovations new construction and more. Call us for help with anything that’s bothering you about your property, or to get help making your home improvement plans a reality. We will deliver the expertise that our customers need, with attention to detail and excellent customer service that will give you confidence in a job well done.