If you own a hot tub, the chances are that at some point in time, you’ve experienced a problem that has left you out in the cold. There is nothing worse than expecting a relaxing, hot, bubbling soak to find out that your hot tub isn’t working correctly. Hut tubs can fall victim to many issues that require anything from a simple solution to a more extensive repair.

Whatever the problem, knowing hut tub troubleshooting is crucial before you call a maintenance specialist to fix it. More often than not, you can remedy your hot tub’s problem yourself if you know these simple solutions.

Water Temperature Issues

Discovering ice-cold water in your spa is quite a shock. You should first narrow down a possible cause by determining whether your water is heating up, then cooling down, or is never heating up in the first place. To do this, you will need a multimeter to test the electrical components so you can identify the culprit.

If your water temperature in the hot tub is inconsistent, you may have a problem with its water flow. You can clean out the filter and check for circulation blockages that may be the root of water temperature fluctuations. Also, double-check that the pump is turning on; if it is not, it will need to be replaced.

Pump Works But Still Temperature Problems

If your pump is working, but your hot tub is still experiencing difficulty heating the water effectively, you’ll need to check the heater itself. Hot tub heaters can wear out over time and simply stop working. The heater’s heat sensors may be to blame for not heating the water properly.

When your heater is not the problem, check the thermostat sensors. The thermostat sensors shut off the heater when the water temperature gets too high. If they are burned out, the heater will be unable to work as it should. Your thermostat will need to be replaced for the heater to kick on when the water temperature dips.

Jets Aren’t Blowing

When your hot tub’s jets are not working, you should first look for the least expensive solution to the problem. Turn each jet to make sure they are open and check them for debris such as calcium buildup. Sometimes a simple cleaning will suffice and have your hot tub jets bubbling like normal. Make sure to clean the filters and check for pumping line clogs. If these attempts don’t remedy the problem, you can loosen the top fitting on the pump to allow for any trapped air to escape and then tighten it back up.

Wiring Issues

When everything has been looked at, and your hot tub is still acting up, call a professional electrician to assess any wiring issues that may exist. With hot tub wiring and outdoor installation electrical components, your best bet is to leave the trouble shooting to the professionals.